raphium assists people in the writing of professional documents, in the development of manuals and pamphlets, in the preparation of letters of application, in the drafting of business correspondence and curriculum-vitae, in the composition of academically-oriented papers, resumés and reports, and in the revising and proof-reading of articles, studies and dramatic works. Principally, the services of Graphium are utilized whenever individuals, groups, or organizations require assistance in developing or editing textual products where coherence of ideas, as well as meticulous standards of grammar, are essential.

"The English Language has far more words than any other tongue on earth. Our most comprehensive lexicon, the Oxford English Dictionary, lists no fewer than 600,000 words used in English writing since the twelfth century, of which perhaps 450,000 are still in current use. French speakers must make do with less than a third of that number, and Russians with only a quarter." claiborne3.

That being said..... if you give me your text, I will alliterate, barcarolate, condenseicate, delineate, extirpate, fabulate, grammaticate, haikumerate, invigorate, jerrymanderate, kerlarapate, logolepterate, macaronicerate, nullandvoiderate, obfuscate, pasquinaderate, qualitate, resuscitate, semioticate, truncate, ululate, venerate, weltanschauungerate, xanaduerate, yüeh-fuerate and / or zarzuelarate it.


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